Editing Studio

We are providing you with the Editing room to work on your projects with out any worries or financial burden to prepare it all by yourself. 

Camera Person & Equipment

We have also professional Camera person and Camera equipment that you could use for your projects. all you need is to contact us. 

Transportation & Accommodation

If you are need of a fixer and a driver that you could bring you to the different parts of the city, we have the most trustworthy drivers that could help you. We can also provide you with a safe family home. 

Film Distribution

We are able to distribute your films in Afghanistan if you want your film must be seen here. 


If you are new aspiring film maker or a company that want to train your staffs in the areas of film making and media moderating, we can help you

And Many More!

We can help you in Afghanistan for all these requests and many more. You need to just ask. We reply to your email or call your phone number.

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