Afghanistan Doc House is a documentary film company based in Kabul, Afghanistan. It was founded by Kabul University Film Professor Sahra Mosawi in 2009 to give voice to the women of Afghanistan. Our goal is to help global audiences develop a better understanding of Afghanistan, and to engage in solutions-based filmmaking that helps pave the way for a safer society for the next generation. It is important to us to record for history the fight for women’s rights and justice in Afghanistan.
My whole life is war, suffering… so many stories of human misery. Most of them related to women. I am part of a society with the highest domestic violence and inequality in the world. I can see this. I can feel it. And I can access it in ways that others can’t. But what’s important to me is not to focus on the suffering only. But rather to focus on how that suffering is a rallying cry for change. How we as women are fighting for change. – Sahra Mosawi
Sahra Mosawi, Founder, Afghanistan Doc House


Feature Documentary – in production

A young woman fights for justice in a groundbreaking legal case.

Beyond the Burqa

Documentary Short (2014)

BEYOND THE BURQA reveals the strength and resilience of women who band together to start a business and redefine themselves. With a modest subsidy they move from their homes in the countryside to the city of Buda, rent a house, and get to work cleaning cotton, packing food and embroidering quilts. The film won Best Documentary at the Heart Women Film Festival, and played at the Women’s Film Festival (India), Beloit International Film Festival, and Fallbrook International Film Festival.

Kaloo School

Documentary Short (2013)

Despite the fall of the Taliban and improved access to education for girls in Afghanistan, KALOO SCHOOL reveals the enormous challenges that still exist for girls living in rural villages. This documentary short was filmed in the foothills of the Baba Mountains where children spend an average of five hours every day traveling to school. Girls especially risk attack walking so far through unsafe areas. The film played at IDFA (2013), the Middle East Film Festival (Florence), the International Human Rights Watch Film Festival (Prague), Festival of Documentary Films (Kyrgyzstan), and the WMM Film Festival (Boston).

Divorce By Heart

Documentary Short

DIVORCE BY HEART weaves mystery and justice as Fatima and her father scour Kabul to track down traces of Fatima’s husband Reza. Reza kidnapped Fatima when she was a young teen, dragging her into the mountains and forcing her to marry him. Now, he has abandoned her and their three children. Fatima wants a divorce, but it’s impossible until she finds him. We follow Fatima and her father as they search Kabul to track Reza down and bring him to justice.

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Sahra Mosawi is an Afghan filmmaker. She is the founder of Afghanistan Doc House, a production company based in Kabul, and co-founder of the London-based Anahat Vision and Films production company. She helped organize the Afghanistan Human Rights Film Festival in 2013. Her documentary films have played at film festivals around the world and won numerous awards. Sahra is committed to using her skills as a filmmakers to amplify the voices of Afghan women to help bring about an understanding of their lives.