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One woman obstinate battle to make her voice heard demonstrates the power of action over fear. 

About Afghanistan Doc House

Afghanistan Doc House is a documentary film company based in Kabul, Afghanistan. It was founded by Kabul University Film Professor Sahra Mani in 2009 to give voice to the women of Afghanistan. Our goal is to help global audiences develop a better understanding of Afghanistan and to engage in solutions-based filmmaking that helps pave the way for a safer society for the next generation. It is important for us to record for history the fight for women’s rights and justice in Afghanistan.


My whole life is war, suffering… so many stories of human misery. Most of them related to women. i am part of a society with the highest domestic violence and inequality in the world. i can see this, i can feel it and i can access it in ways that others can’t. But what’s important to me is not focus on the suffering only but rather to focus on how that suffering is a rallying cry for change. How we as a woman are fighting for change. 



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Kaloo School

Documentary Short (2013)

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A Thousand Girls Like Me

Feature Documentary 2018

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Beyond the Burqa

documentary short 2014

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Divorce By Heart

documentary short


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